Derbyshire Appropriate Adult Service


Appropriate Adult training course

An Appropriate Adult training course is scheduled for February 2015. If you would like to become an Appropriate Adult please contact either Paul Tideswell or David Wharton on 01332 206505. Information about the role of Appropriate Adult can be found on the How to become an Appropriate Adult page. 

DAAS website

New DAAS website to be published in the near future

The Derbyshire Appropriate Adult Service new website will be appearing in the new year in late January. The new website will have more information on our services and current developments and we hope that you will find it very useful.

In the meantime the 'old' website is available for you to find out more about what the Derbyshire Appropriate Adult Service does and how you can become an Appropriate Adult.

Best wishes

Pete Dempsey (Chief Executive)